Data Warehouse (DWH)



Reference person for research: Paolo Baili

Reference person for strategic management: Michele Torresani

The Data warehouse (DWH) is the institutional database where information relating to all the activities that patients carry out at our institution is centralised.

Different data sources are centralized in the DWH and updated every night:

Information flow

Data from

Number of records


Number of patients


Patient data

Complete history

1,3 mil

1,3 mil

Radiology, Endocrinology, Nuclear Medicine

Sep 2002

2,8 mil

300 k


May 2008

175 k

100 k


Jan 2003

2 mil

550 k

Laboratory exams

Nov 2003

100 mil

230 k

Booking reservations

Jan 2007

24 mil

525 k

Hospital Admissions

Jan 1998

540 k

185 k


Oct 2013

2 mil

18 k


Mar 2015

22 k

14 k

Electronic Medical Record

Nov 2016

140 mil

180 k


The DWH is used to:

  • identify potential patients for clinical trials
  • retrospectively count the potential number of patients for new prospective studies
  • understand the feasibility of retrospective observational studies
  • provide data for European and national artificial intelligence studies
  • have indications on institutional strategic decisions
  • facilitate institutional management control activities

Data Warehouse (DWH)

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