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INT news: INT awarded coveted Comprehensive Cancer Centre status by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes

INT awarded coveted Comprehensive Cancer Centre status by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes

The coveted Comprehensive Cancer Centre designation will be awarded to the INT during the General Assembly of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), in Porto, Portugal, June 2015. The Comprehensive Cancer Centro accreditation testifies to the high standards attained by the INT in cancer diagnosis, treatment and research.

The current OECI network comprises 73 European cancer research and treatment centres. Its aims are to bring together the
cancer research and care institutions of the EU so as create a critical mass of expertise and competence with a view of building and maintaining a consensus on the best ways of affronting oncological diseases while maintaining patient quality of life. This also involves promoting actions to improve cancer prevention and hence reduce cancer incidence.

The OECI launched its accreditation and designation programme in order to provide European cancer patients with a guide to the hospital and clinics that offer the highest verified standards of treatment and also to help European cancer centres to implement a system of quality control and quality maintenance involving scrutiny by peers.

INT President, Giuseppe De Leo commented that the OECI accreditation amounts to international recognition that the Institute and its personnel have achieved all 264 quality standards in oncology set by the accreditation  procedure. Such standards include involvement of staff and patients in the improvement of hospital services, the personalization of cancer treatments based on patients’genetic characteristics, the early recognition and treatment of pain, the availability of a comprehensive range of effective palliative treatments, and emphasis on continuing professional training of staff. The accreditation is also confirmation that INTs own improvement plan implemented in recent years has borne fruit.


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