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The voluntary attendance in  working hospital, clinical or research structures of the “Fondazione IRCCS INT Milano”, by Italian or foreign graduates or trainees, for educational and  professional up-dating and training purposes on  any discipline carried out by the staff of the “Fondazione”, as well as university students preparing exams or final thesis, are all subject to require official authorization which is part of an internal regulation.

The voluntary attendance implies a different procedure for the Institute as opposed to internships , for which there is a specific legislation and an agreement that is promoted by the institute as professional training or university education.

The  description of voluntary attendance is the activities of only observation (equals: strictly no use of biomedical equipment; non use of medical devices contaminated by biological liquids; no direct contact with patients; less than 20 hours per week of usage of video appliances and computers)

Voluntary attendance requires the following requirements:
• the subject has to have the age of consent;
• the subject has to have the required academic title that is coherent with the activities carried out by the Fondazione IRCCS INT Milano;
• for University students, the requirement is to be enrolled on a course that is coherent with the activities carried out by the Fondazione IRCCS INT Milano.

The request to attend or visit, should be sent via the form that you find attached, completed with all the necessary documents, at least 15 days prior to the date of the beginning of the visit/attendance.

If the department/division where the attendance will be held is not clear, please go to the page on the web-site "organigrammma"

The attendance may be for a minimum stay of a week to a maximum attendance of 12 months, with the possibility of renewing the request.

The authorization of attendance will be sent, in writing, to the applicant directly from the office for education and privacy after they receive approval from the appropriate management.

No subject is allowed to attend the Fondazione IRCCS istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano without an official authorization.

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